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The Acid Wash Test

Recently, we performed an acid wash on a client’s property. This is the standard procedure once a pool starts looking like a habitat for amphibians. When the algae has sat on the bottom of the pool for too long without a proper chemical intervention, the buildup becomes so intense it takes a direct spray of acid along the pool bottom to actually get any results. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Pool Acid Wash
Pool Acid Wash

Over Nick’s right shoulder, you see the reflective and cleaned section of the pool from the acid wash. This is a killer way to quickly bring off algae from the pool’s bottom!

NOTE: Getting an acid wash is a hazardous and dangerous process. Dynamic Services performs them all with the proper safety equipment to protect our employees’ safety and health. Please do not attempt to perform your own acid wash! We don’t rush the job, and we must be safe. The fumes can be very strong, and very dangerous. Our technicians wear a respirator that will block muriatic acid fumes, goggles or safety glasses, and protective clothing. They wear old shoes, or rubber boots, and spray off before exiting the pool.

If your pool looks like it needs an acid wash, please call us today to schedule your appointment at (916) 532-7034. You will be amazed with the results!