It’s That Time Again

Every ten years something needs to be replaced on a swimming pool pad, and it can be costly. But how can you keep that cost as low as possible, for as long as possible ? My vote is a Sand Filter. But instead of spending time trying to show you my bias let me show you your options and let the decision be only yours.

Intial Cost

The initial cost is supposed to represent the cost of the unit plus a standard installation fee. I will outline three evenly matched filters to show the benefit of each as well as the costs. Note these are all manufactured by Pentair. And in my opinion this is the only manufacture I would install, as they have the lowest cost replacement parts as well as the longest warranty; 3 years. Also note we will cover the cost of ownership over time later, but for now; start-up cost.

  • Sand Filter: SD-80 $775
  • Cartridge Filter: System 3 400SQFT $1275
  • Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) System 3 S8D110 $1175

What’s the Easiest Way to Keep A Swimming Pool Clean ?

First you must start off with knowledge and helpful wisdom… It just so happens that you will find both here.

Either purchase and use “7 way test strips” or take a water bottle with a sample of the pool water down to your local pool supply store and have them analyze it for you, they will do this for free. Ask them to perform and print a full spectrum analysis: Total Chlorine, Free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, Calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, water metals (manganese, copper, iron, etc), nitrite/nitrate, and phosphates.

Once you get the sample results and “recommendations” send them to me via email. Remember to include the material the swimming pool surface is made of (plaster or vinyl), the gallon size of the pool, filtration system if you know the specs, chlorination system (hopefully it’s a chlorine pool or a Bromine pool….) and any chemicals the “previous owner” may have left for you.

With this info and a few moments we can set you up on a full maintenance schedule to keep your water crystal clear and also take you step by step through the various chemicals, uses, and levels of maintenance. Plus help you clean up the green water you have now.

All for free.

What’s Wrong With a Swimming Pool Auto Fill Anyway?


Nothing ! But thats not what your local water agency would you believe. That’s because if you do in fact have an automatic auto fill on your swimming pool a pool leak may go un-noticed.

Many people ask us how long you should run your auto fill on a daily basis. We say no more than an hour a day. Of course this depends on the season. A pool leak is generally pretty easy to spot. Simply turn off the auto fill and allow the pool to drop down. That is if it goes down. If it does, more than 1/2 inch a day, then you most likely have a leak.

But for the rest of us with pools built by builders who are still in business, a pool auto fill may not have been in your budget. If so, an over the deck auto fill is just what the pool level doctor ordered.

There are many different models. Some self made and others more refined. Of all the Pool Auto-Fills we have used there is one common issue, the hose ! We recommend purchasing a UV protected hose because chances are you will have this device in action for decades.

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest pool auto fill , one we may even make in house shoot us a call.

Kill The Worst Black Algae of All Time? Yep.

Black Algae: A Dying Breed

Its no secret that Black Algae is the worlds worst form of algae this side of the Pacific. So how do you kill it and keep it from coming back.

We here at Dynamic Pool Services have used a few products but decided to go and make our own. It seemed that we understood the properties of normally expensive treatments and broke it down to the basics to save time and money. Sure you could find these same ingredients elsewhere but no-where in this concentration and for this low cost.

How To Use Black Algae Killer & Remover

Step 1: Purchase our Black Alage Killer and Remover and Add it to your pool.
Step 2: Run your system for 12 hours.
Step 3: Turn off your system for 12 hours.
Step 4: Brush your pool with a 50/50 wire brush for a period of 5 days.
Step 5: If problem persists add another treatment, and begin at step 2.

Thats it.

Prevent Future Breakouts

How to prevent it from coming back ? This is the easy part. Keep your chlorine level about 1 ppm. Then sterilize all cleaning tools and filter elements and filter internals. This will help future outbreaks from occurring again.

Purchase Black Algae Killer & Remover
Just email your quantity requirements to subject Black Algae Treatment.

Labor Day Celebration

Are you looking to get you pool ready for Labor Day? No matter what issue you are having with
your pool I can help! We offer a wide variety of one-time pool services along with our personalized
weekly service to fit everyone’s needs and pocket book. If you’re unsure what your pool may
need, ask yourself some of these questions:

Be sure to review our special offers at the end of this message!

1. Does my pool water have a green tint to it?

  • If your pool water is not quite blue but green and you CAN see the bottom, our
    green treatment level one is the best option to turn that shade of green into vibrant

2. I can’t see the bottom of my pool, everything is green, what do I do?

  • Your pool has been sitting for a while without chemicals or proper circulation. At
    this point it’s time to drain and rinse.

3. How do I get rid of these stains on my walls and/or floor of my pool?

  • That’s easy with our acid washes! We drain your pool, rinse it down and spray
    acid where the stains are and it’s gone! Perfect for making your pool look extra

4. How am I going to continue to service my own pool when I just don’t have the time?

  • Servicing takes a lot of time and patience and it gets tiring and tedious, so we
    offer FOUR different levels of service to keep your pool looking its best with
    great prices.

Services are one thing, but how is your equipment? Does your PSI gage read more that 20lbs?
Does your pump make a loud squealing noise when it’s on? Your pool sweep was running
around the bottom of your pool, is it still? If you believe there is an issue, we have the solution!

1. My cartridge filters PSI reads at 30 but every time I clean it the pressure is still at 25 or
more, what should I do?

  • At this point you will need to either replace your cartridges or your filter to
    properly circulate your water.

2. Every time I turn on my system my pump makes this loud squealing noise.

  • When a pump begins to make noises other than how it sounded when it was first
    in place such as squealing, banging, or humming it needs to be replaced. Good
    news! We offer an energy efficient solution, Variable Flo, or Variable Speed

3. My pool cleaner was running around the bottom of my pool the other day but now its not,
what is the problem?

  • No Problem, your filters may need a good cleaning and for one low price we can
    set a appointment and have your sweep cleaning your pool in no time.

These are just a few of the most common scenarios, but don’t worry if you don’t see your issue
please call, we have many more services to offer.


  • If you sign up for our platinum weekly service before labor day, receive one FREE month of
    Platinum Service
  • If we install a new sand filter or pump, receive one FREE vacuum service
  • If we install a new Sand Filter, Pump and/or booster pump receive one month of FREE platinum

Customer Questions & Answers

Original Question

Is there anyone on here that owns a pool cleaning service or knows alot about pools? We have been trying for the past 2 months to get rid of the crap on the bottom of the pool but everytime we try to vacuum it goes all over and the damn thing is cloudy again! We are ready to tear it down! Pool people keep saying it takes time but I think that 2 months and hundreds of dollars in chemicals is enough! Can anyone offer any suggestions?


Christine. I have been servicing pools for several years now, so of course it depends on the type of filter you have. Needless to say, there are 3 standard reasons why particles would blow back into your swimming pool with a cartridge filter.

1. The filter elements are old, tired, and need replacement. Cartridges per manufactuerer request need to be replaced every 1-2 years (18-24 months). Why ? Same reason you should change your indoor filters every 3 months.

2. Additional components ie pressure realease hose, manifolds, all things inside the filter that are not the filter elements are cracked or damaged and are allowing those fine particulates to pass by the filter

3. You are bypassing the filter somehow. The filter is designed to take out incredibly small debris smaller than you can physically see. Make sure its a one way in and a one way out.

FYI: Cartridge filters filter 5-20 microns, aka smaller than any dust particle in your pool, so if you see crap at the bottom, bam you know its your filter.

Bottom line pool ownership is costly. Its like a hobby. And if youre not perpared financially to handle this hobby then most likly at some point in time you are going to be in over your head and hate your pool.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions about Pool Repair: we do Pool Service in Sacramento thousands of swimming pools a year.

Ps do yourself a favor get a sand filter. They are cheaper, still filter finer than the human eye and overall cost of owner ship is much lower. Just saying

Winter Express 2011: Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool or spa is much like a fine wine, the more attention you pay towards it’s contents, the better it makes you feel during enjoyment.

During the fall we see a huge increase in organic materials dropped into your swimming pool. This lso brings additional contaminated materials to your swimming pool such as bacterial and phosphates. If this was the case in the summer, your pool would instantly turn green. However in the winter your pool water is colder and therefore life has difficulty pro-creating under these conditions.

In the winter time it’s a surprise your swimming pool is not green with all those decomposing leaves!! A swimming pool that has bacteria, will eventually produce algae.

Often home owners allow their swimming pools to sit still, and sometimes turn off their filtration pump. This is the worst idea possible when attempting to cut costs. What you save now will only be multiplied when trying to remove this organic material from your swimming pool. The purpose of your pump and filter is to remove microscopic materials from your water. So come spring, your pool doesn’t turn into a lagoon.

Winterizing Procedures for Your Swimming Pool

We perform this service for $125 Call to Schedule

With all this ranting I think it’s important we break this down as to what is an acceptable Winterizing Procedure may be for both the budget and the non-budget. Let’s start with the budget method . Step one is simple, do not ever shut down the filtration or filtration pump. If you are not certain as to how much your pool pump is costing you then call us or even your local power company to calculate this number. You might be surprised how little it will cost you to run the pump 1-2 hours per day (at the least). Filtration is key for any swimming pool at anytime. So if you wish to only do one thing, this is it.

Step Two is to confirm you have working filtration. This is generally pretty easy to do: Grab a large 44oz cup of sand, and throw it into your skimmer basket. If you see any sand shooting its way back through, then you have a leak located inside your filter. If not, then continue. Raise your chlorine to a level of 5 PPM. This can be accomplished with liquid chlorine. And for only a few $’s. By raising your chlorine and keeping it between 5-10PPM all winter season long, you will limit the amount of possible growth, and in turn make for an easy spring clean up service.

Now for the Non-Budget Service; everything above will still applies, however there are three additional procedures. The first is to add a chemical treatment to your swimming pool. This treatment will allow the minerals found in almost all foliage to LIMIT the staining that CAN occur on your plaster from leaves. I use this in my swimming pool and it works. The second is to install a pool cover or net. The idea is you want to limit the amount of leaves from entering your swimming pool and then decomposing underwater. The last comes in the spring time, after you remove all leaves and whatnot from the water, and before temperatures get above 70 degrees. This is the final procedure and it is called a phosphate treatment. This will eliminate all organic residual which will later cause algae. This treatment is needed in almost EVERY Sacramento swimming pool. I know because we have serviced over 1000 to date.

So get that bacteria out with a phosphate service. It’s simple and easy and most treatments will last longer than a year. So Sacramento for this season It’s the easiest investment you can make this season. Success comes from Attitude & Preparation: make spring shine! And given there are not always immediate rewards You will feel the difference that a clean swimming pool can make.

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Hey Everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Real quick we have a few accomplishments we aim to perform before the years end.

The first is an online scheduling system. This will allow us to focus more on the work in the field and less on the office work inside.

The second is to use a support system that allows YOU, the customer, to notify us of issues AND keep track of our progress through responses, pictures, etc.

And last, we wish to bring back the referall program. Invite a friend for service. Their service is free for the first month. If they keep our service for the second month then you get a free month of service 🙂

Super excited for all 😉

Now for TURKEY!!!!

So From Everyone Here at Dynamic Services we wish to express our warmest feelings of Thanks for making our team one of Sacramento’s Favorite Swimming Pool Service companies 🙂

We’re Hiring for 2011!

We are currently offering 2 positions in our company:

  • (1) Service Technician
  • (1) Office Technician

If you are applying for any position inside Dynamic Services it is important that you understand how to use a computer. Even though we love forms, most of our information is processed through online applications. We have provided you with a quick survey below. The idea is to see what level your current computer competency level is at.

Its simple. Quickly open 3 tabs in your internet browser and perform the following search queries found below. Then fill in the blanks on the form waaaay down below, and we will be sure to match your original submission with this submission. Remember this is an optional request, and it will not affect our potential employment decision. However it will allow us to confirm that you are computer savy! So do your best.

After completing the survey below you should receive an email confirmation to the email you provided on our form. We greatly appreciate YOUR time and the time you took to fill out our employment application. If you have a few moments please read more below;

Here Goes…

Computer Literacy Survey Part 1 (Instructions)

1. FIRST: Please visit the following websites in three separate tabs;

  • 2. NEXT: Enter the search term “Pool Cleaning +(the city you live in)” and hit ‘Enter’ and/or ‘Search’ to find results.
    Example: I would type Pool Cleaning Folsom if I lived in Folsom.

    3. LAST: Fill your answers into this form: [formidable id=11]

    Wait theres more…

    You may need to fill out our “job specific” forms. Please click on one of the links below to transport to this questionnaire.

    Office Technician Employment Form

    Service Technician Employment Form

    Once you complete your form then all you need to do next is wait to hear from us. We will be sure to call all applicants in 1-2weeks.

    Sacramento Pool Cleaning Service

    When we say; “We clean swimming pools in a hurry this is what we mean. No other company in Roseville, or Sacramento for that matter can clean a swimming pool as fast as Dynamic Services.” This swimming pool took us a total of 2 hours to bring back to blue.

    Some people don’t mind waiting, but most do. That is why we off this “Express Pool Cleaning Service” to any Sacramento Area resident. This real estate client who needed to show this swimming pool to many potential buyers wanted results NOW, all for a great price. Afterall our services were coming out of her pocket. No worries, we have the best service and deals around. Plus with the money she saved, she threw in a month of pool service for her new buyers…. Hint Hint to all the Agents out there 🙂


    This is a before picture of our "Light Green to Clean" Service
    Watch what happens before we clean this swimming pool.

    During (45 minutes later)

    A swimming pool in the process of being cleaned.
    Here is a swimming pool in Roseville, Ca that is in the process of being cleaned.

    After (75 minutes later)