Sacramento Pool Repair Services

A Half Way Drained *Green Pool
A Half Way Drained *Green Pool

Many of our Swimming Pools and their equipment go unnoticed until it’s too late. That is why we recommend weekly pool service for those interested in keeping their systems maintenance free.

Routine pool maintenance, coupled with these services, will result in a great pool. Routine maintenance will eliminate your swimming pool problems; early detection results in preventing the problem from happening again. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, after all!

Don’t see one your looking for? Call me, Nick Chaffee, at 916.532.7034, and let me give you the personal touch that your swimming pool needs.

Equipment Services

Your pool pump can silently become the biggest energy consumer in your home if you are not careful. Often pool manufactures will create complex, unnecessary, and inefficient installations, which are not looking out for your best interests. We offer a free energy audit, and provided you are willing to move forward, we can work with you to upgrade your existing equipment.

Equipment Repairs:

When a pump finally quits, I can almost guarantee you will not know it for a few days. So that is why on all equipment repairs I will clean your pool for free…. Almost makes you want to take a hammer to your pump!

Leak Detection:

Leaks are a nightmare. That is why I offer this service to all my customers at a fraction of the cost. We can find 99% of leaks within an hour, and best of all we can even offer to fix most leaks that same day, without pulling out the concrete!

Poor pool equipment installation, not efficient
Poor pool equipment installation, not efficient

Pool Equipment Replacements:

Salt Cell Service:

Cells get dirty, and this causes them to work less and less. If your pool has salt in it and you are getting algae, give us a call and we will turn it back to blue in no time.

Equipment Installation:

Did you buy something at Leslie’s or online and have “NO Idea” how to install it, or worried about electrocuting yourself? No need to worry, for one low rate we will come out and install any equipment you have. The best part is, we will give you a 1 year warranty with any installation; now we are speaking your language!

Pool Supply Services

Keeping up with all the chemical requirements for a pool means knowing chemistry and advanced systems that are beyond the normal scope and responsibilities of a pool owner. We work with you to ensure that your chemicals are brought up to date, and that you are properly stocked at all times. Of course, this is a recurring feat, should you sign up for our Platinum Pool Service Package.

Pool Supplies:

We honor the benefit of being a pool owner. That means providing you the best price to all your swimming pool equipment needs. More often than not we beat Leslie’s 9 to 1 on chemicals, equipment, even pool toys. So next time you are thinking about making that new filter element purchase, shoot us a call – I may even install it for free!

Tile Services

Tile is often the most overlooked part of almost any swimming pool. With a simple tile cleaning, you can restore your pool’s surroundings to something radiant and new with little effort and investment. If your tile has become broken, we have a matching system that will ensure your replacement tile will look new as ever!

Pool Tile Treatment:

This is for the consumer that has a light build-up of calcium on their tile line, in fact multiple treatments of this will even remove heavy build up. If your pocket-book is light and you want an easy solution this is the choice for you to remove calcium build-up.

Pool Tile and Rock Calcium Removal:

We find many pools that have high calcium in their water will have calcium build up on their rock work and tile. We come in with a patented system to remove all of the said calcium at a fraction of the back-ache.

Pool Tile Repair:

Pool Tile Repair is not an easy thing to do, the wrong mixture and you will wake up with tile and mortar stuck to the bottom of your pool. Let us do it right the first time, with our Pool Tile Repair Service; you can’t go wrong.

Plaster Repair Services

Book Pool Plaster Repair Services

Pool Plaster Repair

Pool Plaster Repair

In Sacramento it is not uncommon to get 10-30 years of use out of your plaster. That is why it is so important to keep your plaster issues down to a minimum. From alage to pits, you want your plaster to be in tip top condition. The strong it is, the more it fends off organic and no organic growth. So if you have discolorations, pits, even missing chunks, let us know and we will repair that pool or spa plaster to like new conditions.

Re-Plaster Your Pool

A swimming pool plaster job is one of the largest pool investments you can make. That’s why you must choose what makes sens for you; Colored, Pebble, or Quarts are all good options. But not every finish is the same ball game. If you have a contemporary home then a white or light tahoe blue might be your best option, unless you’re by trees that unload organic matter in your swimming pool. Then you may want to choose a dark bottom pool that not only is protected from stains but is a natural “internal solar blanket”. In any case re-plastering and remodeling options are in fact fun and important. So ask an expert and make an educated decision on all Re-plaster and plaster decisions.

Pool Plaster Restoration

Acid Wash:

When you have a swimming pool that has been left dormant for quite sometime we have our Acid Wash Service. This is the fastest and most comprehensive solution to take your pool plaster from an ugly stained mess to a beautiful even color, again. Swimming pools are like teeth: the more “gunk” you put in it, the more it stains the surface of anything clean and clear. An acid wash cleans this “gunk” off the walls and steps like a visit to the dentist. I recommend getting this done every five years, sometimes more often in challenging water situations. If you live by Nick’s rules, you will be a happy swimmer.

Acid Treatment:

I recommend using our Acid Treatment before an acid wash. This is a patented chemical solution we have used on pools that have light discoloration, often you will find this to be a cheaper alternative that is also much less abrasive on older plaster pools.

We perform pool cleaning services in the following cities, and more throughout the Sacramento area.

  • Antelope
  • Auburn
  • Citrus Heights
  • El Dorado Hills
  • Elk Grove
  • Fair Oaks
  • Loomis
  • Meadow Vista
  • North Highlands
  • Folsom
  • Granite Bay
  • Rocklin
  • Roseville

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