O-Ring & Valves

Bubbles in my swimming pool!

Valve & Pump Lid O-ring Replacement Service

A frequent question called into the office is “Why do I have bubbles in my swimming pool” Bubbles ? Yes, Bubbles.

These little air leaks happen. And they happen for two separate reasons that can actually relate to one another.

First you must understand what a swimming pool system is; a closed system. All water processing occurs under saturated conditions. Therefore if you provide any air to the suction side of things, then it will come out on the other end: Your Pool!

So you’re probably wondering what two ways a system gets air as previously mentioned. I can tell you. The first is from a leaky pump lid o-ring. This needs to be replaced every 6 months-1 year. The other is from Jandy Valves in front of the pump, aka on the suction side of the pump. These are 1/10th the size of your pump lid o-ring, and provide you with smooth operation of your valving.

By replacing these o-rings every season, you will keep your pump running efficiently without turbulent corrosion for decades.

Weekly Service Client? Save $45 for this service.