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Swimming Pool Tile Treatment Service

Sacramento’s State-of-the-Art Pool Tile Treatment Service

If you are in need of a calcium removal service in Sacramento or your swimming pool’s tile is relatively new, then a swimming pool Tile Treatment Service may be the answer. I highly recommend a Swimming Pool Tile Treatment for swimming pools with new calcium or calcium that is light in color. This calcium removal service removes calcium scales, mineral deposits, and most metal stains.

Another benefit is that it also descales pool plumbing, heater units, filter units, pool vac connections, movable valves, auto-fillers, and even solar units. Our Tile Treatment will not etch, discolor, or damage pool surfaces which cannot be said about our other calcium removal services.

Since our tile treatment methods are non-hazardous, safe to handle, and non-toxic, it will not pit or damage waterline tile, where other methods may cause damage. Plus, you can even swim immediately after our calcium removal service.

Even though our swimming pool tile treatment method does not require for you to drain the pool, you can still give us the money you would have spent on all that water, we will be sure to donate it to our favorite local pool association 😉

Need Calcium Removal Service aka Pool Tile Treatment Service in any of the following cities? Or if you are outside my area, I can call upon my pool member association and recommend someone to you.

We perform pool cleaning services in the following cities, and more throughout the Sacramento area.

Citrus Heights
El Dorado Hills
Elk Grove
Fair Oaks
Meadow Vista
North Highlands
Granite Bay

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