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Dynamic Pool Services loves it’s special clients. That is why we offer a section just for theme. Here you will find a few variations to make your pool service shine. From free service to discounts for immediate payments. And As always, give us a call at (916) 532-7034 for more information on any special below or to sign up for a corresponding service. We await your call!

One-Time Services

3% Off, when payed upon completion

When we perform a “One Time” pool equipment repair, or green to clean clean up pool service. We now offer a 3% discount on the total service by simply paying for servicing upon the end of the FIRST service. It’s easy. All you have to do is provide a check or cash to the service technician upon the end of his service. You will immediately receive the discount and a warranty for any installations. Yay!

3 Year Extended Warranty

Receive an additional 2 Year of Warranty on installations

Of course all connections include a 1 year warranty upon installation. However there is a super easy way to receive a 3 year warranty on most installation items. By reviewing Dynamic Pool Services on 3 review networks. Just by keeping it short and sweet (less than 200 words) and spreading the love so we can guarantee Dynamic Pool Services is here to stay!

Weekly Pool Service

5%, 10% and up to 25% off!

With a 6-month service pre-payment agreement, we are offering 5% off the price of monthly service. With our 12-month package, we are offering 10% off and finally, with our 24-month agreement, we are offering 25% off. That’s an entire 6 months for free!

$50 Cash Money

Tell everyone how good your service is, it pays!

We are currently offering a $50 reward for referring someone in need of pool service to us. They must sign up and remain a customer for 90 days in order for the reward to be given. Just send an email with the subject “$50 Referral Bonus” to receive your credit.

Free Service

Up to 100% Off Monthly!

If you are an existing customer, we offer 20% off of your monthly service cost for each additional neighbor or friend you sign up for service with us after the first referral. That means if you refer 5 people your service is free! Just send an email with the subject “5 Time Referral Discount” to receive your credit. And if you refer more than 5, we throw you an all inclusive pool party at your house. BBQ, Drinks, and of course all of our friends (just kidding about the last part)

Weekly Pool Service

  • Antelope Pool Service
  • Auburn Pool Service
  • Citrus Heights Pool Service
  • El Dorado Hills Pool Service
  • Elk Grove Pool Service
  • Fair Oaks Pool Service
  • Folsom Pool Service
  • Granite Bay Pool Service
  • Loomis Pool Service
  • Meadow Vista Pool Service
  • North Highlands Pool Service
  • Rocklin Pool Service
  • Roseville Pool Service
  • Pool Inspection Service Specials

  • Roseville Pool Service
  • Pool Cleaning Services

  • Roseville Pool Service
  • Pool Repair Services

  • Roseville Pool Service
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