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Swimming Pool Vacuum Service - Sacramento, Ca
Swimming Pool Vacuum Service - Sacramento, Ca

Our Vacuum Service is extremely helpful if debris is collecting at the bottom of your pool. Leaving the debris there will give algae a chance to grow in your pool, so leave your back brace in the garage and give us a call. Vacuuming your pool is actually needed more than people think, it is very important to keep leaves, dirt, flower pedals, etc. off the bottom of your pool; it can lead to a laundry list of problems including your pool drains clogging and stains to your plaster.

If you need a vacuum service, call us up and the bottom of your pool will be cleaned quick and in a hurry.

We perform pool cleaning services in the following cities, and more throughout the Sacramento area.

Citrus Heights
El Dorado Hills
Elk Grove
Fair Oaks
Meadow Vista
North Highlands
Granite Bay

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