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Swimming Pool Stain Treatment Service

Sacramento’s Stain Fighters

Does your pool plaster have stains, organic or chemical? Are you worried about damaging your pool plaster with a harsh acid wash? I recommend this service 9 times out of 10 to customers concerned about their not-so-young plaster, after all, it etches only 1/5 of the plaster as a traditional acid wash.

No rubbing, no scrubbing, it removes blue, brown, yellow, metallic and leaf (organic) stains. It almost does it all. This concept is a relatively new alternative to a traditional Pool Stain Treatment service via Acid Wash. But I have many happy clients who would swear by the results.

This service will most often remove rust marks, copper marks, and minimize any damage to the surface. The Stain Treatment Service has proven performance and has made the talk of professionals like me, clearly you are reading it. This stain treatment service is effective on: plaster (mar cite), vinyl, fiberglass, and painted pools.

Other benefits:  It removes rust marks made by bobby pins, BB’s and toys, outside areas of re bard bleed, copper fallout from shocking, general brown and blue metal stains, leaf and organic stains.

So if you are looking for a Swimming Pool Stain Treatment Service, i.e. an alternative to Acid Washing, I may just offer it in most of the following cities. Or if you are outside my area I can call upon my pool club chapter and recommend someone to you.

We perform pool cleaning services in the following cities, and more throughout the Sacramento area.

Citrus Heights
El Dorado Hills
Elk Grove
Fair Oaks
Meadow Vista
North Highlands
Granite Bay

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