Folsom Pool Service

Folsom Pool Service

Dynamic Services in Folsom, CA

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Bound next to a beautiful lake, Folsom is a premiere affluent community in the Sacramento area. Folsom living and dining is populated by the success of its inhabitants, and they share the majestic lakesides and hillsides with the great beauty of the area. We have been in backyards in Folsom for over ten years!

About our history in Folsom

Hi there, my name is Nick Chaffee and I am the owner of a pool service company here in Folsom. I enjoy operating and performing complete swimming pool cleaning, service, maintenance and repair for this company. In fact after taking over this third generation pool company we have maintained a 98.2% customer loyalty rate! I like to say, it’s an A+. So, find out what all the hustle is about, give me a call directly at (916) 532-7034 and let me answer any questions relating to weekly swimming pool cleaning and chemical service you may have. I do what I can to earn your business


Along with your swimming pool and spa comes the very important choice of a company to service, repair, and even help maintain your indoor or outdoor attraction. If you know quality service, you’ll know us. Pool Service Folsom was founded in 1999. Pool Service Folsom is family owned and operated, therefore, we take great pride in every job. A family member personally supervises every renovation job site and most service sites to ensure quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Our most important goal is to be certain that our customers are more than satisfied. No matter what our project consists of, we strive for a high degree of professionalism in all of our employees, taking on-going care of your pool as well as its surroundings including landscape maintenance and more. During renovations when outside contractors are needed, their activities and ours are coordinated to fit with your schedule. We only aim to please, for that is how we want to secure your business!

Experienced & Educated

Dynamic Services has been in great standing with the National Spa and Pool Institute for many years, bringing our new learned talents back to our Folsom pool service client base. We attend several manufacturer seminars yearly in order to ensure that we encompass the most up to date knowledge available. Our head technician is NSPI Tech II qualified and has provided his expertise to Dynamic Services for over 5 years.


Pool Service Folsom is fully insured. So relax and be confident to let Pool Service Folsom take care of all of your swimming pool and spa needs including but definitely not limited to swimming pool supplies, chemicals, maintenance, and renovations.

Folsom Pool Service
This is our neighborhood! 3 minutes from Dynamic Services headquarters.

Folsom Service Reviews

Here are some reviews of our business on Google Maps. These are all clients I requested write a review after eight or more outstanding months only.

Pool Service in Folsom‎

By bill – Nov 20, 2009

This Pool Service in Folsom did a wonderful job on my swimming pool. With the changing of the seasons my swimmingpool needed service to vacuum out all the leaves and after they were done my pool was spotless. I wouldn’t go to any otherpool service than there’s in Folsom. Thanks Pool Service Folsom – you guys are great!‎

By Harry – Nov 17, 2009

I just wanted to write a review for this company here: Pool Service & Maintenance Folsom. Nick and Brad came out to clean my swimming pool yesterday after I gave them a call from this Google Site and they turned my swimming pool from a dark green color to a nice blue color in just one day (24hrs). They promised me 72 hrs. Not bad i’d say. Folsom is a small town and it is hard to find pool maintenance people that actually know a thing or two about this pool business so it was very refreshing to find some pool service men that could perform on their promises. Thank you Pool Service Folsom, your new loyal customer.‎

By Nick – Nov 14, 2009

Hey Swimming Pool Service Folsom our family loved your swimming pool service you performed for us last Wednesday. We had several other local Folsom swimming pool repair companies come out and tell us so many things; the pool filter, the water needed to be drain, one guy even told us that we needed to replace all of our equipment…..but the truth of the matter is that we didn’t need another sales person we just needed help. Well help is what we got 😉 When you guys came out to our swimming pool and serviced it we were no doubt in awe at how fast we had a blue pool again. Bottom line we can swim a few more times in our pool before winters end so our whole family is just happy as can be! Thanks SwimmingPool Service Folsom! And we will make sure to refer you to all our other pool loving Folsom neighbors.‎

By Brad – Sep 15, 2009

my pool was pretty dirty…i thought I had to drain that sucker but they swooped in and made it happen….all before the weekend. i recommend these guys.‎

By colon – Nov 17, 2009

Just thought id write you guys and let you know that Dynamic Services is the best ive ever experienced. Ive had a few other pool service guys in Folsom but now i have the best! My Pool water is always crystal clear! Before i switched toPool Service Folsom i asked my previous pool guy if he could repair a leaky pipe i had and he couldnt find out what was making it leak and informed me i had to buy a whole new filter system> So i called Pool Service Folsom and thirty minutes later they told me all i needed was a very inexpensive o-ring. So not only does Pool Service Folsom does a great job on Cleaning my Pool they also can do amazing repairs! My neighbor in Folsom asked for help on her pool which was a very dark green so i gave her Pool Service Folsoms number and the very next day her pool turned from Green to Clean i didnt even know this was possible …‎ More »

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