Antelope Pool Tile Cleaning

Antelope Pool Tile Cleaning

California’s water naturally has a higher level of calcium. Bead blasted tile cleaning is the most effective form to remove calcium build-up across a pool’s tile line. We have a pressurized blaster that uses a special industry blended media to most effectively remove all the tiles’ blemishes and build-up you may have. Along with our platinum service, we provide a weekly tile solution to prevent calcium from building up. Alternatively, we also have been servicing tile cleaning with a new solution and a high speed buffer to polish the tiles’ surface. However, this method is quite ineffective for heavy duty calcium build-up.

Antelope Pool Tile Replacement

Due to an accident or unforeseeable damages, sometimes the only solution is outright tile replacement along the entire pool line. In these situations, we assess and measure your total linear footage around the swimming pool. We take these measurements and steps to ensure that your new tile is a sound fit and matches any existing configuration.

Antelope Pool Tile Repair

An outright replacement of an entire pools’ tile line sometimes isn’t the feasible solution people are looking for. We offer tile repair services as well, which include coming out and fixing your tile with an identical replacement.

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