Simi Valley Pool Service

Simi Valley Pool Services

Thank you for choosing Dynamic Pool Services for your swimming pool service needs. We offer the following pool services for all residents of Simi Valley, Ca. To make an appointment with call us (805) 624-4332 or email @

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Our Most Common Services offered in Simi Valley:
  • Weekly Pool & Spa Services
  • Swimming Pool Inspection Services
  • Tile Cleaning Services
  • Pool Equipment Repair
  • Green to Clean
  • Pool Drains
  • Acid Wash
  • Weekly Pool & Spa Services

    We offer several level of Pool and Spa services. First you must look at the different levels of service we offer Weekly Pool Services we know its hard to choose, but know that any level is a professional set of ‘Dynamic Services’ eyes. We offer weekly pool services so your swimming pool is maintained and ready to go when you are. Often with consistent pool maintenance you will find that your pool will last a lifetime.

    We also offer Spa services. We maintain your spa water, equipment, and function. Often one of these items falls out of line and causes another to become an issue. With our professional eyes on site you can rest assured that it is being maintained.

    Pool Inspection Service

    We offer the most comprehensive pool inspection service in the industry. We check all items of your swimming pool from the plaster to your equipment, pool tile to the main drains, the water chemistry to your solar check valves. Imagine a complete relaxed feeling about your swimming pool… the moment you jump in, that is how you will feel once your receive our inspection report with straight A’s!

    If you are considering a new home purchase that has a swimming pool, or if your pool sounds a bit “weak” then do not hesitate to call us. You will find our services aligned with that of the Space shuttle launch: Perfect 🙂

    Tile Cleaning Service

    When it comes to the pleasure of swimming pools nothing tops the feeling of looking at a perfectly clean pool before jumping in. No other complaint is heard louder than “What is that white stuff on the tile?” The answer: Calcium! More often than not people think that this cannot be removed, when it can, all with one call to us. Of course you’re going to try and visit your local pool supply store to purchase some rough stones and go out there on a sunny saturday. At the end of your “left in the middle of the ocean on a rogue scuba diving trip” swimming experiment call the experts. We will visit the property to remove that calcium without MERCY! Often we see 99.9% of the calcium removed, even on buildup older than 10 years. Sure the procedure can be costly, with proper maintenance often this material may not return for quite some time. Pool Tile cleaning and calcium removal services can be performed on all types of pool, round, rectangle, or even above ground (assuming its hard tile 😉 the only difference is how soon do you want us out there!

    Pool Equipment Repair

    History of Simi Valley

    The City of Simi Valley, established in 1969, has an estimated population of 126,366 (as of July 2011) and is the third largest of Ventura County’s ten cities. Occupying an area of approximately 42 square miles, it is located in Southeast Ventura County, adjacent to the northwestern perimeter of the San Fernando Valley, approximately 37 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

    This city brings home to a number of residents looking for one simple thing; Pool Service in Simi Valley. We bring you the most responsive pool services in the area with our heart and passions.