Auburn Pool Cleaning Service

Auburn Pool Cleaning Service

What matters most to our customers are two things: A fast pool cleaning service and a reliable service. We accomplish this by utilizing both your installed equipment and our specialty cleaning supplies and portable equipment. Often customers find that with a limited background in the pool cleaning field, they become overwhelmed and often give up on the concept of a blue pool. Well we are here to say: “DO NOT GIVE UP!” There is a beautiful pool lurking underneath. However, if you do not act quickly then the cost will increase as more time and effort will need to take place to bring it back to life. Do not lose this precious time and call us to nip this issue in the bud ASAP, no questions asked and dignity intact 🙂

Auburn Green-to-Clean Service

Our Green-to-Clean Pool Cleaning Service is the fastest way to bring your pool back from the dead. We guarantee no other company in the Auburn area can promise our pool cleaning results, especially in such little time. With our promised “shorter clean up time,” this means less energy consumption, less wear and tear on your equipment, and most importantly, you are back swimming by the weekend with money to spare for that backyard fiesta!

No Power? Broken Pool Equipment? Fed Up?

We understand, water chemistry is not for everyone. With everyone’s opinions flooding your brain, it is hard to tackle the concept of a “perfect balance”. Well, we are here to tell you it is hard, but not impossible. We have every possible chemical, piece of equipment, or TLC that your pool is lacking. Once your pool is back to blue, jump back in the captains chair! Even if your swimming pool does not have power we can bring our own equipment to get the job done. With less visit means less cost to you. Keeping that green in your wallet.

Pool Cleaning Supplies

Do you need pool cleaning chemicals and supplies delivered to your Auburn home because you want to take on the task yourself? More power to you! We offer several pool cleaning supply packages that can support any budget. Nets, brushes, chemicals, we have it all. And better yet, these are the supplies WE use, nothing short of commercial grade.

Included with all chemical purchases, you receive a no-cost In-Person Consultation. You get expert advice at home with the savings of doing it yourself. Call today for the supplies you NEED, not the ones you do not. Take it from a company that does this in “real-life”, not from behind a counter or over the phone.

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