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What’s the Easiest Way to Keep A Swimming Pool Clean ?

First you must start off with knowledge and helpful wisdom… It just so happens that you will find both here.

Either purchase and use “7 way test strips” or take a water bottle with a sample of the pool water down to your local pool supply store and have them analyze it for you, they will do this for free. Ask them to perform and print a full spectrum analysis: Total Chlorine, Free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, Calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, water metals (manganese, copper, iron, etc), nitrite/nitrate, and phosphates.

Once you get the sample results and “recommendations” send them to me via email. Remember to include the material the swimming pool surface is made of (plaster or vinyl), the gallon size of the pool, filtration system if you know the specs, chlorination system (hopefully it’s a chlorine pool or a Bromine pool….) and any chemicals the “previous owner” may have left for you.

With this info and a few moments we can set you up on a full maintenance schedule to keep your water crystal clear and also take you step by step through the various chemicals, uses, and levels of maintenance. Plus help you clean up the green water you have now.

All for free.

Labor Day Celebration

Are you looking to get you pool ready for Labor Day? No matter what issue you are having with
your pool I can help! We offer a wide variety of one-time pool services along with our personalized
weekly service to fit everyone’s needs and pocket book. If you’re unsure what your pool may
need, ask yourself some of these questions:

Be sure to review our special offers at the end of this message!

1. Does my pool water have a green tint to it?

  • If your pool water is not quite blue but green and you CAN see the bottom, our
    green treatment level one is the best option to turn that shade of green into vibrant

2. I can’t see the bottom of my pool, everything is green, what do I do?

  • Your pool has been sitting for a while without chemicals or proper circulation. At
    this point it’s time to drain and rinse.

3. How do I get rid of these stains on my walls and/or floor of my pool?

  • That’s easy with our acid washes! We drain your pool, rinse it down and spray
    acid where the stains are and it’s gone! Perfect for making your pool look extra

4. How am I going to continue to service my own pool when I just don’t have the time?

  • Servicing takes a lot of time and patience and it gets tiring and tedious, so we
    offer FOUR different levels of service to keep your pool looking its best with
    great prices.

Services are one thing, but how is your equipment? Does your PSI gage read more that 20lbs?
Does your pump make a loud squealing noise when it’s on? Your pool sweep was running
around the bottom of your pool, is it still? If you believe there is an issue, we have the solution!

1. My cartridge filters PSI reads at 30 but every time I clean it the pressure is still at 25 or
more, what should I do?

  • At this point you will need to either replace your cartridges or your filter to
    properly circulate your water.

2. Every time I turn on my system my pump makes this loud squealing noise.

  • When a pump begins to make noises other than how it sounded when it was first
    in place such as squealing, banging, or humming it needs to be replaced. Good
    news! We offer an energy efficient solution, Variable Flo, or Variable Speed

3. My pool cleaner was running around the bottom of my pool the other day but now its not,
what is the problem?

  • No Problem, your filters may need a good cleaning and for one low price we can
    set a appointment and have your sweep cleaning your pool in no time.

These are just a few of the most common scenarios, but don’t worry if you don’t see your issue
please call, we have many more services to offer.


  • If you sign up for our platinum weekly service before labor day, receive one FREE month of
    Platinum Service
  • If we install a new sand filter or pump, receive one FREE vacuum service
  • If we install a new Sand Filter, Pump and/or booster pump receive one month of FREE platinum

Winter Express 2011: Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool or spa is much like a fine wine, the more attention you pay towards it’s contents, the better it makes you feel during enjoyment.

During the fall we see a huge increase in organic materials dropped into your swimming pool. This lso brings additional contaminated materials to your swimming pool such as bacterial and phosphates. If this was the case in the summer, your pool would instantly turn green. However in the winter your pool water is colder and therefore life has difficulty pro-creating under these conditions.

In the winter time it’s a surprise your swimming pool is not green with all those decomposing leaves!! A swimming pool that has bacteria, will eventually produce algae.

Often home owners allow their swimming pools to sit still, and sometimes turn off their filtration pump. This is the worst idea possible when attempting to cut costs. What you save now will only be multiplied when trying to remove this organic material from your swimming pool. The purpose of your pump and filter is to remove microscopic materials from your water. So come spring, your pool doesn’t turn into a lagoon.

Winterizing Procedures for Your Swimming Pool

We perform this service for $125 Call to Schedule

With all this ranting I think it’s important we break this down as to what is an acceptable Winterizing Procedure may be for both the budget and the non-budget. Let’s start with the budget method . Step one is simple, do not ever shut down the filtration or filtration pump. If you are not certain as to how much your pool pump is costing you then call us or even your local power company to calculate this number. You might be surprised how little it will cost you to run the pump 1-2 hours per day (at the least). Filtration is key for any swimming pool at anytime. So if you wish to only do one thing, this is it.

Step Two is to confirm you have working filtration. This is generally pretty easy to do: Grab a large 44oz cup of sand, and throw it into your skimmer basket. If you see any sand shooting its way back through, then you have a leak located inside your filter. If not, then continue. Raise your chlorine to a level of 5 PPM. This can be accomplished with liquid chlorine. And for only a few $’s. By raising your chlorine and keeping it between 5-10PPM all winter season long, you will limit the amount of possible growth, and in turn make for an easy spring clean up service.

Now for the Non-Budget Service; everything above will still applies, however there are three additional procedures. The first is to add a chemical treatment to your swimming pool. This treatment will allow the minerals found in almost all foliage to LIMIT the staining that CAN occur on your plaster from leaves. I use this in my swimming pool and it works. The second is to install a pool cover or net. The idea is you want to limit the amount of leaves from entering your swimming pool and then decomposing underwater. The last comes in the spring time, after you remove all leaves and whatnot from the water, and before temperatures get above 70 degrees. This is the final procedure and it is called a phosphate treatment. This will eliminate all organic residual which will later cause algae. This treatment is needed in almost EVERY Sacramento swimming pool. I know because we have serviced over 1000 to date.

So get that bacteria out with a phosphate service. It’s simple and easy and most treatments will last longer than a year. So Sacramento for this season It’s the easiest investment you can make this season. Success comes from Attitude & Preparation: make spring shine! And given there are not always immediate rewards You will feel the difference that a clean swimming pool can make.

Sacramento Pool Cleaning Service

When we say; “We clean swimming pools in a hurry this is what we mean. No other company in Roseville, or Sacramento for that matter can clean a swimming pool as fast as Dynamic Services.” This swimming pool took us a total of 2 hours to bring back to blue.

Some people don’t mind waiting, but most do. That is why we off this “Express Pool Cleaning Service” to any Sacramento Area resident. This real estate client who needed to show this swimming pool to many potential buyers wanted results NOW, all for a great price. Afterall our services were coming out of her pocket. No worries, we have the best service and deals around. Plus with the money she saved, she threw in a month of pool service for her new buyers…. Hint Hint to all the Agents out there 🙂


This is a before picture of our "Light Green to Clean" Service
Watch what happens before we clean this swimming pool.

During (45 minutes later)

A swimming pool in the process of being cleaned.
Here is a swimming pool in Roseville, Ca that is in the process of being cleaned.

After (75 minutes later)


Winter is Here! Make sure your cleaner is ready.

Much like the rest of us, this fall means the end of the summer vacation. Here in Sacramento, Ca the Fall season have arrived overnight. A signal to the trees to begin to ready for Winter. And if you are a swimming pool owner, then no doubt you have seen the change directly in your swimming pool. Dynamic Services understands this seasonal shift and offers a low cost solution to that clean up with our winter special offer; $45 Cleaner Repairs, and the lowest cost on all Bottom Cleaner parts. You may find that there is no better time than now to revitalize your cleaner.

It is common for the local trees to lose 20-100 pounds of their leaves to accommodate the season’s change. Much like your lawns, your pool will see weeks of defoliation. With defoliation comes a new list of issues: Black Algae, Piping Clogs, even Worms! So it is very important that your bottom cleaner aka Mr Scrubbie (as most may call him/her) is in tip top shape.


There are a few sure-fire ways to see if your bottom cleaner is up to the task. Grab a hand full of leaves from your lawn area and place them in a bucket to soak over night. Next morning take these leaves and rinse them out well (we don’t want to transmit phosphates if we don’t have to) and now throw these water soaked weights in your pool, they should sink directly to the bottom. Grab your brush, and try to set them up so the cleaner has a full-fledged underwater obstacle course. Kick on the cleaner pump and let magic happen.

In 30-60 minutes check back on the results. If the cleaner failed to pick the contents up from the bottom, you can guarantee you will have yourself a problem all winter long. Now, don’t go out and buy a new cleaner thinking that it’s going to fix your problem, the problem may be simple. After all, there are over 108 parts inside a Polaris cleaner, all costing less than pennies.


Grab your phone or computer. Call 916.532.7034 or email (you can actually put anything in to have a trained service tech come test your cleaner on site. If a solution cannot be found, then allow us to take your cleaner and test it in our controlled facility at no additional cost. There, we will run through a 32 point inspection to find anything that may be out of whack. So try not to let another moment go by, wondering if you can actually make it all season with that cleaner. The answer should be either YES or NO; you be the judge.

Why Replace Your Filter? Find Out!

Today is Friday, but this last Tuesday, you decided to visit your favorite sushi restaurant. Upon departure, you felt a little queezy and attributed it to the raw “sea steak”. The next day turns out to be even worse, leaving you running for the bathroom. With a call and a complaint to that restaurant, you receive a meal credit. But what you may not have known, is that you didn’t get sick from sushi, you got sick from your dog Fido while swimming in your swimming pool. Crytosperidium may survive for 2 to 6 months in a moist environment, and direct transmission between animals and humans is common because action is often not taken.

The human infections of Crytosperidium have an incubation period of 1 to 12 days; 7 days is typical. So identifying this disease is usually fairly difficult. Now the bad news: there is currently no cure for Crytosperidium. Cryptosporidium enteritis is an infection of the small intestine that is caused by the parasite cryptosporidium. The main symptom is diarrhea, but there are many other side effects. The major risk factor is swallowing water contaminated with fecal matter. How can this be limited? EASY! Listen to your pool service technician. A swimming pool should allow a “complete cycle turn” to occur, that will help eliminate materials 2 times in a given day. In other words, this means your entire pool contents pass through your filter twice, every day, to help eliminate the risk of spreading disease.

There are many factors that will agitate Crytosperidium. One being a dirty filter ! The most common is your “filter cartridge;” it is designed to remove impurities out of your water. Manufacturers recommend replacing ALL elements every 18-24 months. Think of it like this: Your filter is a “trash can” for your pool water, the more debris you accumulate in your trash can, the less it can hold. Like all trash cans you should clean them out so you can store more trash. Now, let me demand that you use one bag for 18-24 months. Could you keep this bag clean? 1 week, 1 month, how about 5 years? The answer is simple: no chance. So don’t risk your health!

OK Scary man,

Can’t I just wait another 18-24 months? Read more below.

In healthy people, the infection will clear up, but can last up to a month. In people who are immunosuppressed, prolonged diarrhea may cause loss of body weight and malnutrition.

Outbreaks have been linked to:
Drinking from contaminated public water supplies
Drinking unpasteurized cider
Swimming in contaminated pools and lakes

There is no one treatment for cryptosporidium enteritis.

In these groups, this diarrheal infection is not just bothersome, it can also lead to severe, and potentially life-threatening, loss of muscle and body mass (wasting), and malnutrition.

Those at higher risk:
Animal handlers
People in close contact with infected individuals
Young children

So please, don’t risk your health or your children – call us today at (916) 532-7034 to get your filter replaced ASAP!

The Acid Wash Test

Recently, we performed an acid wash on a client’s property. This is the standard procedure once a pool starts looking like a habitat for amphibians. When the algae has sat on the bottom of the pool for too long without a proper chemical intervention, the buildup becomes so intense it takes a direct spray of acid along the pool bottom to actually get any results. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words…

Pool Acid Wash
Pool Acid Wash

Over Nick’s right shoulder, you see the reflective and cleaned section of the pool from the acid wash. This is a killer way to quickly bring off algae from the pool’s bottom!

NOTE: Getting an acid wash is a hazardous and dangerous process. Dynamic Services performs them all with the proper safety equipment to protect our employees’ safety and health. Please do not attempt to perform your own acid wash! We don’t rush the job, and we must be safe. The fumes can be very strong, and very dangerous. Our technicians wear a respirator that will block muriatic acid fumes, goggles or safety glasses, and protective clothing. They wear old shoes, or rubber boots, and spray off before exiting the pool.

If your pool looks like it needs an acid wash, please call us today to schedule your appointment at (916) 532-7034. You will be amazed with the results!