We’re Hiring for 2011!

We are currently offering 2 positions in our company:

  • (1) Service Technician
  • (1) Office Technician

If you are applying for any position inside Dynamic Services it is important that you understand how to use a computer. Even though we love forms, most of our information is processed through online applications. We have provided you with a quick survey below. The idea is to see what level your current computer competency level is at.

Its simple. Quickly open 3 tabs in your internet browser and perform the following search queries found below. Then fill in the blanks on the form waaaay down below, and we will be sure to match your original submission with this submission. Remember this is an optional request, and it will not affect our potential employment decision. However it will allow us to confirm that you are computer savy! So do your best.

After completing the survey below you should receive an email confirmation to the email you provided on our form. We greatly appreciate YOUR time and the time you took to fill out our employment application. If you have a few moments please read more below;

Here Goes…

Computer Literacy Survey Part 1 (Instructions)

1. FIRST: Please visit the following websites in three separate tabs;

  • http://www.google.com
  • http://www.yahoo.com
  • http://www.bing.com
  • 2. NEXT: Enter the search term “Pool Cleaning +(the city you live in)” and hit ‘Enter’ and/or ‘Search’ to find results.
    Example: I would type Pool Cleaning Folsom if I lived in Folsom.

    3. LAST: Fill your answers into this form: [formidable id=11]

    Wait theres more…

    You may need to fill out our “job specific” forms. Please click on one of the links below to transport to this questionnaire.

    Office Technician Employment Form

    Service Technician Employment Form

    Once you complete your form then all you need to do next is wait to hear from us. We will be sure to call all applicants in 1-2weeks.