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It’s That Time Again

Every ten years something needs to be replaced on a swimming pool pad, and it can be costly. But how can you keep that cost as low as possible, for as long as possible ? My vote is a Sand Filter. But instead of spending time trying to show you my bias let me show you your options and let the decision be only yours.

Intial Cost

The initial cost is supposed to represent the cost of the unit plus a standard installation fee. I will outline three evenly matched filters to show the benefit of each as well as the costs. Note these are all manufactured by Pentair. And in my opinion this is the only manufacture I would install, as they have the lowest cost replacement parts as well as the longest warranty; 3 years. Also note we will cover the cost of ownership over time later, but for now; start-up cost.

  • Sand Filter: SD-80 $775
  • Cartridge Filter: System 3 400SQFT $1275
  • Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) System 3 S8D110 $1175

What’s the Easiest Way to Keep A Swimming Pool Clean ?

First you must start off with knowledge and helpful wisdom… It just so happens that you will find both here.

Either purchase and use “7 way test strips” or take a water bottle with a sample of the pool water down to your local pool supply store and have them analyze it for you, they will do this for free. Ask them to perform and print a full spectrum analysis: Total Chlorine, Free chlorine, pH, alkalinity, Calcium hardness, total dissolved solids, cyanuric acid, water metals (manganese, copper, iron, etc), nitrite/nitrate, and phosphates.

Once you get the sample results and “recommendations” send them to me via email. Remember to include the material the swimming pool surface is made of (plaster or vinyl), the gallon size of the pool, filtration system if you know the specs, chlorination system (hopefully it’s a chlorine pool or a Bromine pool….) and any chemicals the “previous owner” may have left for you.

With this info and a few moments we can set you up on a full maintenance schedule to keep your water crystal clear and also take you step by step through the various chemicals, uses, and levels of maintenance. Plus help you clean up the green water you have now.

All for free.

Brisk Winds Bring Much Debris in the Sacramento Area

Tuesday October 13th brought abnormally high wind gusts in the Sacramento Valley. Winds reached 60mph, a record for this time of year. Homeowners like Alex Enriquez found out that a swimming pool can make a prime target for debris.

Of course there was no reason to worry, with the help of my handy side kick we made short work of the debris in Alexs’ swimming pool. He expected us to be there for “hours” but we assured him that this is a simple task for leave eating machines like us. He of course laughed in delight as we waved goodbye.

If you are in need of leaf removal services or any of our one time services please shoot me a call so I can zip out, and help the situation asap. Remember you don’t have to be all alone when it comes to pool service, we are always here to help you with the hard stuff, after all, it’s our job.