Expert Level Pool Inspection
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9066 richborough, Elkgrove, Ca (3:00 PM - October 30, 2018)

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Front Of House Pool Spa

Equipment Pad

Equipment #1 Equipment #2 Equipment #3 Equipment #4 Equipment #5

Safety Fencing Condition: N/A $0

Safety Fence #1 Safety Fence #2
Style Location
Safety Fencing Notes
Safety Fencing Additional Notes

Pool Surface Condition: Good $0

Surface #1 Surface #2
Estimated Gallons Surface Type
Dimensions Damaged Surface Life
' by ' 0-10% 1-12 Months
Pool Surface Notes
Pool Surface Additional Notes

Tile Condition: N/A$0

Tile #1 Tile #2
Water Line Tile Linear Footage Tile Water Level Tile Linear Footage
N/A N/A 0
Tile Type Calcium Build-Up Loose or missing tile?
N/A or none
Mastic Repair
Additional Mastic Repairs
Additional Tile Notes

Water Quality Condition: Good $0

Water Picture #1 Water Picture #2
pH Level Free Chlorine Total Chlorine Cyanuric Alkalinity Calcium
6.8 - 7.2 (Ideal) 50 - 100 (Ideal) 45 - 70 (Ideal) 250 - 400 (Ideal)
pH Level Details Free Chlorine Details Total Chlorine Details Cyanuric Acid Details Alkalinity Notes Calcium Notes
Algae present? Foliage found in water? Water loss present?
Additional Water Quality Notes

Skimmer & Main Drain Circulation: N/A $0

Drain #1 Drain #2 Skimmer #1 Skimmer #2
Water Flow Through Skimmer Water Flow Through Main Drain Skimmer Float Valve
Pool Skimmer QTY Spa Skimmer QTY Pool Main Drain QTY Spa Main Drain QTY
VGBA Compliant Drain Covers
Skimmer & Main Drain Details

Skimmer & Main Drain Additional Notes

Bottom Cleaner Condition: $0

Cleaner #1 Cleaner #2
Bottom Cleaner Brand Bottom Cleaner Model
Bottom Cleaner Additional Notes
Bottom Cleaner Additional Repairs

Auto-Fill Condition: $0

Autofill #1 Autofill #2
Pool Auto-Fill Spa Auto-Fill Auto-Fill Style Fill Speed
Auto-Fill Additional Notes

Pool Light Condition: $0

Pool Light #1 Pool Light #2
Pool Light Type Distance From Electrical
Pool Light Notes

Spa Light Condition: $0

Spa Light #1 Spa Light #2
Spa Light Notes
Spa Light Additional Notes

Equipment Pad

Filter Condition: $0

Filter #1 Filter #2
Filter Brand Filter Model
Filter Notes
Filter Additional Notes

Filter Pump Condition: $0

Filter Pump #1 Filter Pump #2
Filter Pump Brand Filter Pump Model Horsepower
Filter Pump Condition
Filter Pump Notes
Filter Pump Additional Notes
Filter Pump Additional Repairs

Booster Pump Condition: $0

Booster Pump #1 Booster Pump #2
Booster Pump Brand Booster Pump Model Horsepower
Booster Pump Additional Notes

Spa Jet Pump Condition: N/A$0

Spa Jet Pump #1 Spa Jet Pump #2
Spa Jet Brand Spa Jet Model Horsepower
Spa Jet Additional Notes

Waterfall Pump Condition: N/A$0

Waterfall Pump #1 Waterfall Pump #2
Waterfall Pump Brand Waterfall Pump Model Horsepower
Waterfall Pump Additional Notes

Auxiliary Pump A Condition: N/A$0

Auxiliary Pump A #1 Auxiliary Pump A #2
Auxiliary Pump A Brand Auxiliary Pump A Model Horsepower
[985] [986] [920]
Auxiliary Pump A Additional Notes

Auxiliary Pump B Condition: [xmb4ah] $[835]

Auxiliary B #1 Auxiliary B #2
Auxiliary Pump B Brand Auxiliary Pump B Model Horsepower
[990] [991] [921]
Auxiliary Pump B Additional Notes

Heater Condition: [38l2mw] $[836]

Heater #1 Heater #2
Heater Model Heater Brand
[987] [988]
Heater Additional Notes

Equipment Control System

Board & Timer Condition: [jnluyc]$[837]

Board/Timer #1 Board/Timer #2
GFCI Compliant
Board & Timer Notes

Auxiliary Timer Condition: [kd2qb5] $[838]

Auxiliary Timer #1 Auxiliary Timer #2
Auxiliary Timer Additional Notes

Salt Control Systems Condition: [fvckcr]$[839]

Salt Control #1 Salt Control #2
Salt System Power/td> Detect Salt Flow Detect Salt Presence Low Salt
[1018] [1019] [1020] [1021]
Salt Control System Additional Notes

Valves & Fittings Condition: [yo6tap]$[840]

Overall Details

These is an estimated repair total for your pool.$0Est. Totals

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