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Labor Day Celebration

Are you looking to get you pool ready for Labor Day? No matter what issue you are having with
your pool I can help! We offer a wide variety of one-time pool services along with our personalized
weekly service to fit everyone’s needs and pocket book. If you’re unsure what your pool may
need, ask yourself some of these questions:

Be sure to review our special offers at the end of this message!

1. Does my pool water have a green tint to it?

  • If your pool water is not quite blue but green and you CAN see the bottom, our
    green treatment level one is the best option to turn that shade of green into vibrant

2. I can’t see the bottom of my pool, everything is green, what do I do?

  • Your pool has been sitting for a while without chemicals or proper circulation. At
    this point it’s time to drain and rinse.

3. How do I get rid of these stains on my walls and/or floor of my pool?

  • That’s easy with our acid washes! We drain your pool, rinse it down and spray
    acid where the stains are and it’s gone! Perfect for making your pool look extra

4. How am I going to continue to service my own pool when I just don’t have the time?

  • Servicing takes a lot of time and patience and it gets tiring and tedious, so we
    offer FOUR different levels of service to keep your pool looking its best with
    great prices.

Services are one thing, but how is your equipment? Does your PSI gage read more that 20lbs?
Does your pump make a loud squealing noise when it’s on? Your pool sweep was running
around the bottom of your pool, is it still? If you believe there is an issue, we have the solution!

1. My cartridge filters PSI reads at 30 but every time I clean it the pressure is still at 25 or
more, what should I do?

  • At this point you will need to either replace your cartridges or your filter to
    properly circulate your water.

2. Every time I turn on my system my pump makes this loud squealing noise.

  • When a pump begins to make noises other than how it sounded when it was first
    in place such as squealing, banging, or humming it needs to be replaced. Good
    news! We offer an energy efficient solution, Variable Flo, or Variable Speed

3. My pool cleaner was running around the bottom of my pool the other day but now its not,
what is the problem?

  • No Problem, your filters may need a good cleaning and for one low price we can
    set a appointment and have your sweep cleaning your pool in no time.

These are just a few of the most common scenarios, but don’t worry if you don’t see your issue
please call, we have many more services to offer.


  • If you sign up for our platinum weekly service before labor day, receive one FREE month of
    Platinum Service
  • If we install a new sand filter or pump, receive one FREE vacuum service
  • If we install a new Sand Filter, Pump and/or booster pump receive one month of FREE platinum

Happy Thanksgiving 2011

Hey Everyone Happy Thanksgiving!

Real quick we have a few accomplishments we aim to perform before the years end.

The first is an online scheduling system. This will allow us to focus more on the work in the field and less on the office work inside.

The second is to use a support system that allows YOU, the customer, to notify us of issues AND keep track of our progress through responses, pictures, etc.

And last, we wish to bring back the referall program. Invite a friend for service. Their service is free for the first month. If they keep our service for the second month then you get a free month of service 🙂

Super excited for all 😉

Now for TURKEY!!!!

So From Everyone Here at Dynamic Services we wish to express our warmest feelings of Thanks for making our team one of Sacramento’s Favorite Swimming Pool Service companies 🙂

Winter is Coming… Make Sure Your Cleaner is Ready

A Clean Pool, Easy! Right? Just today I came across a review of a swimming pool construction company on Google by the name of “Premier Pools and Spas” click here to see what I’m talking about. I always say when deciding which company to use when building a pool, call and ask pool service people in the area. Ask these service people what pools they prefer to service.

There are many factors that show how much care goes into the pool’s final construction: how well the bottom cleaner works, how much suction comes to the skimmer baskets, if the skimmers can be isolated, if there is even two skimmers in the pool! So many things go into it.

Many people today only research the price. I say the most easily manipulative thing in pool service, or construction for that matter, is the price. Customers call around thinking they have what it takes to battle the “phone” sales person. Anyone can make a $25 pool service sound like the next best thing since sliced bread. But the real kicker comes when the guy actually shows up.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: There are some days that I just want my truck washed right, and other days a quick clean up job will do. I feel many people want the same out of a pool service, that’s why I designed our “Always right” pool service.

We come in at a low price, and always make sure that when it’s needed (broken pump seal, algecide treatment, water clarifier) that we are there to keep your pool perfect “In the clutch.”

The Lowdown: Polaris Pool Cleaners

Should I buy a new Polaris 380 or a used one? Should I buy a different pool cleaner? What pool cleaner is right for my pool? Is one model better than another? What is the difference between Polaris 180, 280, 340, 360, 380, 480, 65, 165, and the Turtle? All of these are good questions. Ones that we are sure you have asked yourself.

We answer these questions everyday.  We want to sell product as much as the next guy, but we also want our customers to make an educated decision before they spend those hard earned dollars. So we are going to try to answer some of these questions for you. We hope this information helps you make the right buying decision.

Should I buy a new Polaris 380, or a used one?

First, you need a little history. Polaris 180 was the first pressure side pool cleaner that ran from a booster pump. The Polaris 180 has only 1 jet that creates the cleaning power.  It has a narrow throat, which allows leaves to clog it up.  It works very well, and it is easy to repair. Although it was the best at the time it came out, it is now old and out-dated.

Polaris hoses! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Hoses on old Polaris go bad. Don’t waste money buying a lot of hose parts. Replacing back-up valves, swivels, and sweep tails is okay, but if your floats are sinking, causing the hose to drag on the bottom, you need to buy a new hose kit. The old floats were a type of foam that got water logged, causing them to sink.  Don’t waste money buying floats for the hoses, the old ones are way too hard to take off.

Polaris 360 & 380 were the next units to hit the market. These are 3-jet cleaners. The 380 In-ground requires a booster pump as does the 180, 280, and 480.  The 360 works off the return lines. The 340 works off the skimmer. The 65, 165, and Turtle work off return lines. The 165 is for in-ground, while the 65 and turtle for above-ground pools.

Let’s start with the Polaris 380. It’s a great unit, but if you are buying an old one you need to ask:
If one wheel turns do they all turn? (If not, bad belts) 
Does unit lay on it’s side? (If yes, bad head float)
Dose hose sink?(If yes, bad hose floats).
Does unit back-up? (If not, a bad back-up valve).
Does bag stay clipped on? (If not, possible bad bag on throat where bag clips into it.)
Are tires rounded a lot? (older tires were squared in edges, the newer types are slightly rounded, so if they are rounded a lot, you have bad tires). The front tire and single-side tires wear out the most. The trailing tire (back right) wears the least. You can rotate the tires to keep them working longer. If wheels are wobbly, you have bad bearings.
The 380 is hard to fix – belts and inside bearings. These parts need to be replaced when they show problems. To inspect, just pop off the cover and do a visual inspection. Look for broken bearings, see if things wiggle. If you are handy, you should be able to fix one. But be careful not to lose parts.
The 380 is a great cleaner. However, we do not recommend buying used cleaners, you can’t tell from a picture if the inside parts are worn. If you do buy one used, the units with the clear type tops are only a year or so old.

Next topic: the Polaris 360. This unit head is just like the 380 except it does not use a booster pump, it works off the return line. The heads are the same, the same type of things go wrong with them both.  The hose for the 360 are different though. It has a backup valve, but it is different than the 380’s. The 180, 280, 380, and 480 all use the same backup valve. If a backup valve stops shooting water out, you must replace it. It has a timer gear inside, if it goes bad, it is not worth replacing parts, so I recommend you buy a new valve. 360 hoses last longer if you do not have an automatic chlorinator on the return line. You will have to replace hoses from time to time, but you should get up to 3 years out of the hoses.

Next is the Polaris 280 – we like this one best. This unit has a larger throat, so it is less prone to leaf clogs. It has 2 ports that create the cleaning power. The flow design off the bottom and larger throat allow it to clean way better than the old 180, and is just as good as the 380. This unit is very easy to fix, and the parts cost less than the 380. Again, if any Polaris lays on it’s side the Head Float is bad and needs to be replaced. The 280 does not have a rebate program, but parts will cost you less, and in the end, this unit will cost you less.

Now the 180, 280, 380, and 480 (only sold by builders of new pools) all use a booster pump. They all need a dedicated line to run in the pool. The booster pump runs off a time clock. The cleaner timer can be jumped from the filter timer, or connected to it’s own breaker. Booster pump motors go bad; if it hums, it is either bad bearings or capacitor (if it is the bearings, it will be screaming, then after time the bearings heat up and cease). Time for a new Booster pump. Don’t replace motors on booster pump, it’s not worth the money.  The capacitor is under that bump up thing on top of  the motor. In there is the capacitor. They can explode, rupture, and sometimes just go bad.
Never take that top off with the power on, you will get shocked! We do not recommend that you ever mess with electrical connections on your pool if you do not know what you are doing. You could do something wrong, causing a charge in the water, and a swimmer could be injured.
Signs it is bad leaked fluid, the top where the terminals are should be flat. If it is bumped up and terminals are crooked it is bad.
Bad Polaris pump Seal. You see water spraying out of the side of the seal bracket. These seals go bad over time, and if the pump runs without water, the impeller over heats, then the seal over heats and pump leaks, spraying water all over. This water can get into motor bearings and cause that to go as well.
The new hose kits for the booster pump are excellent. If yours leaks, replace them.  Some booster pumps are set up with garden hose type fittings, with washers. Chlorine cause these washers to swell up, and decrease flow to the pump. This can cause the pump to be loud and overheat.

We hope this information is of help to you, we still have more to add later.


You caught me 🙁 I haven’t made a page for this yet (November 5th 2009) but i will have more information about it shortly. If you have any question about the services please shoot me a call I can answer any question you may have: 916.532.7034

Welcome to My Blog!

You’ll find alot of good tid bits of information here:

Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that you enjoy it and use it to be successful at whatever you are working on. If it is allowing us to come and service your swimming pool than so be it. But if your a “Do-it-Yourselfer” then please enjoy the knowledge.

We understand that it can be difficult to get a new pool up and running so if you have a problem please don’t hesitate to contact me at 916-532-7034.

Official Launch of the New

It will become official, Monday, October 26th 2009. This is a huge step for Dynamic Service, there is no turning back. I feel that this can allow us to become significant contenders in the online market.

Many swimming pool service companies make their business by providing a singular type of service. However Dynamic Services is a different story, we supply the community with a “handyman” like service.

Since October 1st we are taking on new customers in need of our unique services. The customer that we identify with is a person or persons that need quality swimming pool at a competitive price.

Featured in Sacramento Bee: “Energy Efficiency: Swimming Pools” Article!

Dynamic Services: Called as a Credible Witness in Local News:

“Swimming Pool service Is not an excuse to have cute technicians visiting your backyard anymore,” as Jim Rego explains; “…rather it is often a wise investment… but if anything could be a prediction it is the electricity savings proven by consistant monitoring of trained technitians.”

Often swimming pool owners find that drinking mimosas by the pool side is the best experience one can have in a lifetime, after all isn’t this the first thing that we do once we hit the hotel on vacation? But when we decide to stay home more often we are forced to use our Swimming Pools if not for lack of better reasoning than to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

But what happens when a person who uses their pool more often is a vast array of problems that many homeowners have come to find the hard way, and that is a high electricity bill.

John Turner of Sacramento, California found out one day the hard way, “My power bill keep increasing more and more, I even ran my pump less, but still it continued to get worse.”

“This is a common phenomenon.” Nick Chaffee of Dynamic Pool Services of Sacramento. “We find that often clients have a hectic schedule already, and when they don’t have the expertise like we do, they basically suffer.”

Nick Chaffee is describing what PG&E refers to as energy inefficiency, Often filter, pumps, even pipes get clogged with Organic material and increase what is known as Friction loss.

“The ‘harder’ you run a pump, the more energy it demands, often 2,3 even 6x as much power.” Jim Rego of PG&E explains. “Regardless of people perceptions of their own ‘ability’ of swimming pool maintenance we always suggest that a home owner consults with a pool service person whenever they feel they are having high energy months.”

Pool Service rates do vary depending on size, chemicals, even the types of equipment one has attached to their pool. One thing is for certain however and that is energy will always continue to increase in cost but waste is something that haunts you forever.