Labor Day Celebration

Are you looking to get you pool ready for Labor Day? No matter what issue you are having with
your pool I can help! We offer a wide variety of one-time pool services along with our personalized
weekly service to fit everyone’s needs and pocket book. If you’re unsure what your pool may
need, ask yourself some of these questions:

Be sure to review our special offers at the end of this message!

1. Does my pool water have a green tint to it?

  • If your pool water is not quite blue but green and you CAN see the bottom, our
    green treatment level one is the best option to turn that shade of green into vibrant

2. I can’t see the bottom of my pool, everything is green, what do I do?

  • Your pool has been sitting for a while without chemicals or proper circulation. At
    this point it’s time to drain and rinse.

3. How do I get rid of these stains on my walls and/or floor of my pool?

  • That’s easy with our acid washes! We drain your pool, rinse it down and spray
    acid where the stains are and it’s gone! Perfect for making your pool look extra

4. How am I going to continue to service my own pool when I just don’t have the time?

  • Servicing takes a lot of time and patience and it gets tiring and tedious, so we
    offer FOUR different levels of service to keep your pool looking its best with
    great prices.

Services are one thing, but how is your equipment? Does your PSI gage read more that 20lbs?
Does your pump make a loud squealing noise when it’s on? Your pool sweep was running
around the bottom of your pool, is it still? If you believe there is an issue, we have the solution!

1. My cartridge filters PSI reads at 30 but every time I clean it the pressure is still at 25 or
more, what should I do?

  • At this point you will need to either replace your cartridges or your filter to
    properly circulate your water.

2. Every time I turn on my system my pump makes this loud squealing noise.

  • When a pump begins to make noises other than how it sounded when it was first
    in place such as squealing, banging, or humming it needs to be replaced. Good
    news! We offer an energy efficient solution, Variable Flo, or Variable Speed

3. My pool cleaner was running around the bottom of my pool the other day but now its not,
what is the problem?

  • No Problem, your filters may need a good cleaning and for one low price we can
    set a appointment and have your sweep cleaning your pool in no time.

These are just a few of the most common scenarios, but don’t worry if you don’t see your issue
please call, we have many more services to offer.


  • If you sign up for our platinum weekly service before labor day, receive one FREE month of
    Platinum Service
  • If we install a new sand filter or pump, receive one FREE vacuum service
  • If we install a new Sand Filter, Pump and/or booster pump receive one month of FREE platinum