Winter is Here! Make sure your cleaner is ready.

Much like the rest of us, this fall means the end of the summer vacation. Here in Sacramento, Ca the Fall season have arrived overnight. A signal to the trees to begin to ready for Winter. And if you are a swimming pool owner, then no doubt you have seen the change directly in your swimming pool. Dynamic Services understands this seasonal shift and offers a low cost solution to that clean up with our winter special offer; $45 Cleaner Repairs, and the lowest cost on all Bottom Cleaner parts. You may find that there is no better time than now to revitalize your cleaner.

It is common for the local trees to lose 20-100 pounds of their leaves to accommodate the season’s change. Much like your lawns, your pool will see weeks of defoliation. With defoliation comes a new list of issues: Black Algae, Piping Clogs, even Worms! So it is very important that your bottom cleaner aka Mr Scrubbie (as most may call him/her) is in tip top shape.


There are a few sure-fire ways to see if your bottom cleaner is up to the task. Grab a hand full of leaves from your lawn area and place them in a bucket to soak over night. Next morning take these leaves and rinse them out well (we don’t want to transmit phosphates if we don’t have to) and now throw these water soaked weights in your pool, they should sink directly to the bottom. Grab your brush, and try to set them up so the cleaner has a full-fledged underwater obstacle course. Kick on the cleaner pump and let magic happen.

In 30-60 minutes check back on the results. If the cleaner failed to pick the contents up from the bottom, you can guarantee you will have yourself a problem all winter long. Now, don’t go out and buy a new cleaner thinking that it’s going to fix your problem, the problem may be simple. After all, there are over 108 parts inside a Polaris cleaner, all costing less than pennies.


Grab your phone or computer. Call 916.532.7034 or email (you can actually put anything in to have a trained service tech come test your cleaner on site. If a solution cannot be found, then allow us to take your cleaner and test it in our controlled facility at no additional cost. There, we will run through a 32 point inspection to find anything that may be out of whack. So try not to let another moment go by, wondering if you can actually make it all season with that cleaner. The answer should be either YES or NO; you be the judge.