Winter is Coming… Make Sure Your Cleaner is Ready

A Clean Pool, Easy! Right? Just today I came across a review of a swimming pool construction company on Google by the name of “Premier Pools and Spas” click here to see what I’m talking about. I always say when deciding which company to use when building a pool, call and ask pool service people in the area. Ask these service people what pools they prefer to service.

There are many factors that show how much care goes into the pool’s final construction: how well the bottom cleaner works, how much suction comes to the skimmer baskets, if the skimmers can be isolated, if there is even two skimmers in the pool! So many things go into it.

Many people today only research the price. I say the most easily manipulative thing in pool service, or construction for that matter, is the price. Customers call around thinking they have what it takes to battle the “phone” sales person. Anyone can make a $25 pool service sound like the next best thing since sliced bread. But the real kicker comes when the guy actually shows up.

Let me give you an example of what I mean: There are some days that I just want my truck washed right, and other days a quick clean up job will do. I feel many people want the same out of a pool service, that’s why I designed our “Always right” pool service.

We come in at a low price, and always make sure that when it’s needed (broken pump seal, algecide treatment, water clarifier) that we are there to keep your pool perfect “In the clutch.”

One thought on “Winter is Coming… Make Sure Your Cleaner is Ready

  1. Having been on ******** pools finishing crew we had alot of dissatisfied customers when we arrived on the job due to many mistakes and communication problems, especially when it was time to pick up a check. However that’s part of the pool building business with the overlapping trades coming and going and so on. Im still absolutely amazed at how many jobs we butchered in the heat but never heard from again and then those beautiful jobs that we could never actually be “finished” with. Lol.

    It’s all about presentations and of course those highly paid sales staff to administer it. Hell thats why they go to Cabo San Lucas , Mexico around Christmas and congratulate themselves on all the hard work they did while we trained the international travelers to take our jobs cause they didnt want to pay 5 needed journeymen when they could pay only 2 journeymen and cover up the butcher marks with PR. “brilliant”

    I fell that if the plaster companies would simply insert ‘brand-name’ plates into the finished plaster to brad their work then interested consumers could simply look at their neighbors pools and it would sell itself. Or i’ll continue to complain about the wrong end of the problem… their choice!

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