Featured in Sacramento Bee: “Energy Efficiency: Swimming Pools” Article!

Dynamic Services: Called as a Credible Witness in Local News:

“Swimming Pool service Is not an excuse to have cute technicians visiting your backyard anymore,” as Jim Rego explains; “…rather it is often a wise investment… but if anything could be a prediction it is the electricity savings proven by consistant monitoring of trained technitians.”

Often swimming pool owners find that drinking mimosas by the pool side is the best experience one can have in a lifetime, after all isn’t this the first thing that we do once we hit the hotel on vacation? But when we decide to stay home more often we are forced to use our Swimming Pools if not for lack of better reasoning than to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

But what happens when a person who uses their pool more often is a vast array of problems that many homeowners have come to find the hard way, and that is a high electricity bill.

John Turner of Sacramento, California found out one day the hard way, “My power bill keep increasing more and more, I even ran my pump less, but still it continued to get worse.”

“This is a common phenomenon.” Nick Chaffee of Dynamic Pool Services of Sacramento. “We find that often clients have a hectic schedule already, and when they don’t have the expertise like we do, they basically suffer.”

Nick Chaffee is describing what PG&E refers to as energy inefficiency, Often filter, pumps, even pipes get clogged with Organic material and increase what is known as Friction loss.

“The ‘harder’ you run a pump, the more energy it demands, often 2,3 even 6x as much power.” Jim Rego of PG&E explains. “Regardless of people perceptions of their own ‘ability’ of swimming pool maintenance we always suggest that a home owner consults with a pool service person whenever they feel they are having high energy months.”

Pool Service rates do vary depending on size, chemicals, even the types of equipment one has attached to their pool. One thing is for certain however and that is energy will always continue to increase in cost but waste is something that haunts you forever.

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